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Party Members and Rival Adventurers

(still under construction! things on this page are likely to change over time!)

There are several people out on their own quests in the Sea of Flowers. As you carry out your work in adventuring, some of them may decide to join you on your jobs, while some may be working against you.


/bi:/, BEE
An energetic Bý adventurer from Kvivitézr, currently doing various small jobs involving resource acquisition for alchemists.
Prefers to use her fists for fighting, also pretty good with firearms and item lobbing.
Good with maintaining weapons and crafting, with skills relating to efficient item/ingredient usage and on-the-fly repairs. Also has some pre-existing knowledge of flower flow and could pick up on it fast.
Passionate, quick to try making friends, travels a lot but is fairly flexible with being able to travel in a party.
Enjoys floral arrangement and has decent knowledge on floristry.


/ɑk.'toʊ.bɹ̩/, ahk-TOH-bər
A Moti adventurer living in Loez, doing research on arcane mechanics and lost magic.
Pretty good with light flow (and by extension alright with flow in general). Uses knives as a focus and as general weapons when needed, though high-power flow tends to shred through his knives pretty fast.
Has some minimal knowledge of Break and could probably make good use of lost methods if you let him study them and the resources needed are available.
Fairly reserved but not particularly serious or dire, hangs out around libraries often (even outside of work reasons), seems kinda tired a lot of the time.
Maintains a miniature moss garden in a small pot as a pet.


/'i:.ko.naʃ/, EE-ko-nash


/'ɑ:ɹ.koʊs/, AR-kohs
A Construct adventurer doing exploration work as an excuse to study relic chambers.
Knows a mix of weather and light flow, which they channel through a bell-shaped piece of glass (their awakening artefact). Also a bit of a fan of swords and chain weapons, both for combat and just as an enthusiast.
Has an interest in tinctures and medicines, despite technically being incapable of actually using them. Still fairly knowledgeable on actually making them, though.
Energetic and almost always has some level of latent happiness, enjoys exploring old and forgotten areas.


/zɛ.dɛ.'kaɪ.ə/, ze-de-KAI-ə
A Heapfolk arcanist that does more traditional adventuring near the Zerolands.


/'ɪn.nɛs/, IN-nes


/'pɑ:.li:.koʊ/, PAH-lee-koh