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Location List

(still under construction! things on this page are likely to change over time!)

I don't have a more narrative header for this, i just need to have a list of settlements and such so i'm not just dropping names without context.

The Sea of Flowers

Broadly speaking, the main island (and accompanying coastal islands) that constitutes the known world. In a more narrow sense, it can also refer to the more heavily inhabited region of said island (contrasting with regions like the Zerolands and What Lies Beyond), or to the lands participating in the Confederal government (which is a fairly ambiguous line itself).


/'loʊ.ɛz/, LOH-ehz
The seat of the Confederal Assembly and one of the larger settlements within its jurisdiction. Built around the [Central] River, with a city-wide beamrail system that links up to both major rail guilds' networks.


/'kloʊ:z.heɪ.vn̩/, KLOUZ-hay-vən
A moderately-sized settlement on the coast, near the mouth of the [central] River. While not technically the cental headquarters of the Tengexw Rail Guild, it's the location of the Tengexw Company Store, and the best place to find work with them.

The Sunbound Plain

A large meadow on the sunward side of the [Central] River. Contains major flower farming operations, many of which are operated by clan hives.


/'kvɪ.vɪ.dʰɛ.zɹ̩/, KVI-vi-de-zər
One of the major arcologies in the Sunbound Plain. Has a notably devolved government, where the matriarch only fully controls the flower monopoly and most other powers are granted to a citizen council.


/'klaʃ.dʰɛ.zɹ̩/, KLASH-de-zər
Another major arcology in the Sunbound Plain.

Pãnukon Meadow

/'pæ̃.nə.kɑn ˌmɛ.doʊ/, PÃ-nə-kahn MEH-doh
A community built around a long-abandoned pumpkin farm where heapfolk originally appeared at. Located near and moderately well integrated with the economy of the clan hives.


/no.'ko.la.sen/, no-KO-lah-sehn
A small farming community that's served as the capital of the Ansika court for around 200 years. Has a farmer's market that serves the whole court and not a whole lot else.


/ʊʃ.'ke.ja.koɫ/, uush-KEH-yah-kol
A handful of farmhouses, representing the remaining population of the old capital of the Ansika court, and the smaller of its two settlements. There's reportedly a relic chamber somewhere nearby.

The Glass Desert

A somewhat anomalous desert, cratered with small glass basins that slowly fill with water over time. Subject to odd weather patterns due to the migrating, eternal storm above its area.


/'tʃar.gal.jɔŋᵓ/, CHAHR-gahl-yongw
A major trade hub at the edge of the Glass Desert. Built around a (slowly draining) glass puddle close enough to be linked to the beamrail network already.


A loose aggregation of the (comparatively) more sparsely populated areas at the edge of the Confederal government up to the edge of the Zerolands. Only really exists as a cohesive "identity" as far as the Camp Sovereignty Manifest is concerned, since it mostly exists as an "Everyone Else" group.

Inola's Church

/ɪ:.'noʊ.ˌləz tʃɝtʃ/, ih-NOH-ləz churtch
The "capital" of the communities of the Fallen God, consisting of a spread of buildings built around the namesake church. Said church serves as both an important religious site and the central authority over rose hip trade for the communities.


/'nɑ:k.tɪl.u:/, NAHK-til-oo
The largest settlement of the Camp region, and a hub for non-guild business. Partially linked to the rest of the Confederation through its own independent beamrail line, and mostly controlled by the Weathermen.

The Zerolands

The very sparsely region further poleward from the bulk of the settled world. Known to have anomalous terrain that shifts on its own, causing strange structures to form and paths to shift between trips. Technically these effects are present to a lesser extent through most of the Sea of Flowers, but the Zerolands are mosre specifically the uncharted region where these effects are almost constant.


/'hi:ɹ.æf.tɹ̩/, HEER-af-tər
A small, far-flung settlement located just inside of the Zerolands, offering rest to anyone traveling deeper in. Can be hard to reach due to the latent distortion of the land, but the settlement itself is in a stable zone, and the path(s) to it are oddly well marked despite occasionally shifting.