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(still under construction!)

this is a temporary page to put stuff before i have a full page for it, so i don't just end up mentioning a bunch of things with zero context. these are just gonna be simple bullet points about worldbuilding and game mechanics so there's probably not gonna be a lot of in-depth stuff here. Sorry.

Game Stuff

- Instead of just being afflicted with a status effect, characters take damage towards a status effect. After hitting a certain threshold they start suffering from some of the effects of it, and more status damage will make the condition get worse. What exactly happens and whether or not it naturally heals itself depends on the status.

- Player species have different traits that modify aspects of a character or give them some kind of innate ability to use. They may or may not all have the same number of them?, I'm not sure yet.

World Stuff

- The Sea of Flowers is a not-quite-continent sized landmass on a (probably nameless) planet in a binary system with Ashe, which is pretty much the same size as it. In the far (probably-)past Ashe's inhabitants found a way to travel between the two, but a major revolt (the Heavenly Schism) ended with the connections between the two being cut, somehow...