Edith knew she was in deep shit when her logins got revoked the day after she grabbed everything.

they liked to fuck with you like that, making it obvious they knew you'd done something but waiting for you to approach them so they could nail you to the wall, and with how far she'd managed to intrude into their filesystem she knew she needed to just book it before they got impatient and found out that she had been using a burner the whole time. her original plan wasn't going to be doable so hopefully, god fucking HOPEFULLY she could get these sent before Myriad did anything because fuck. she couldn't believe what they'd been doing, how this hadn't gotten out before, how little anyone she'd tried to contact in the news seemed to even CARE about the fucking mass murder going on right in front of everyone's faces how the fuck people could just live with knowing this and not even care that they were complicit how disgusting all of it was how-


...nearly sprinting headfirst down a concrete stairwell cut off the torrent of negative thoughts flooding Edith's brain for now. she took a second to collect herself, and then continued forward, ignoring the two people looking over wondering what the fuck just happened to her.

. . .

she'd never been inside a starbucks before, somehow. it felt almost... bougie? pretentious? silicon valley?? ...something like that probably.
whatever it was she wasn't a fan. she walked up to the cashier (who was weirdly peppy for someone working at what, 23:00) and asked for the wifi passw " SORRY!, " ordoww wh-
" the Starbucks® secure wifi access point is only usable by paying customers! "

" uhh, sure okay then i guess. lemme see what... "

" :] "

" ... "

" :] "

" i guess ill get a tall Vanilla Sweet Cream® then? "

" alright! that'll be USD16.00!! would you like to enter your pho- "

" wait but t- "

" connecting to the Starbucks® secure wifi access point requires a USD10.00 connection fee and agreeing to our Terms of Use® and User Compliance Policy® :] your phone number is? "

" i dont own a phone sorry. here's the si-

" thank you!! your drink will be ready shortly sir :] "

-xteen dollars. i'm a girl but thanks. "

wonderful interaction, hopefully she could avoid another like it. while she waited for her overpriced drink she grabbed a seat (away from the counter) and pulled out her deck. the place was pretty dead, only one other patron sat at the other end of the store idly tapping at their Apple Tab®... 13?, while the faintest traces of Imagine Dragons formed an auditory haze as the sound of KORS Real Rock Hits blended into the ambient noises of the store's aging HVAC unit in the background. hopefully she didn't draw attention to herself if anyone happened to come in asking questions, she was certain the person at the counter wouldn't miss the opportunity to narc.
in the meantime, she figured she'd talk to Ash.

20:44 2047-12-20 panic!!silo!!
stay safe honey, i love u <3
22:52 2047-12-20 hyperart_girl
yo i went into a starbucks to use their wifi, did u know it costs like ten bucks to get the password??
22:52 2047-12-20 panic!!silo!!
edie ur back!!!
22:52 2047-12-20 panic!!silo!!
also no wtf thats so pricey
22:53 2047-12-20 panic!!silo!!
remind me to take u to a better place for coffee next time ^~^
22:53 2047-12-20 hyperart_girl
aww, id really love that :]
22:53 2047-12-20 hyperart_girl
but yeh the vibe here is weird, is this what all starbucks are like?
22:53 2047-12-20 panic!!silo!!
idk ive never been to one. maybe? the coffee any good at least? im sure u got smth sugary like normal :p
ok they have to be doing this on purpose there's no way they're being this much of a prick accidentally

Edith reluctantly went to the counter and took her tall Vanilla Sweet Cream® from the fuckface that seemed to be the only employee present in this godforsaken altar to corporate will while quietly correcting them on her gender again. as she returned to the seat she left her deck at an unsettling sensation brushed past her, like the heavy, processed air was forming into spikes as she swam towards the table. catching her breath, she figured she should get this done as fast as possible and get the fuck out of here.

. . .

despite the multigig connection this place probably had, the internet was throttled to be abysmally slow, giving her plenty of time to stew in her discomfort. between sorting out drop sites for files and babysitting uploads, she started to think about just how much data was passing through her hands. birth names, chosen names, birth dates, physical features, addresses, employers, relationships, disgustingly thorough collections that she felt wrong to even be handling. anything that Myriad had been able to grab. these people didn't even know these files existed, that someone had been working to find as much info about them as possible, and that it was being used to hunt them down, that one of the largest companies in the decaying hellscape of earth was spending its infinite power hiring rentacops to larp as blade runners and kill people outside of even the flimsy excuse for law the meganets had written for themselves because they didnt want to face the consequences of finding a way to make sentience and immediately using it for fucking alexas. that FAIAs, and anyone that put up too much of a hassle protecting them, had to die in the noble sacrificial hail of pdws so that corporate prosperity may endure.
it was just so... so...

Edith realized she was getting worked up again. as she calmed herself down, she realized she only had one file left, and it was pretty sparse. she quickly got it uploaded and fired off a message to Ash.

00:12 2047-12-21 panic!!silo!!
u sure ur doing alright honey?
00:12 2047-12-21 hyperart_girl
yehh, ill be fine, just gotta get through this last one and i can head out. ill let u know
00:12 2047-12-21 panic!!silo!!
oke, ill wait to hear from u <3
00:17 2047-12-21 hyperart_girl
hey just got the last one, /myriad/TEwyViBQb0kgUmVjb3Jk.gmi. ill be over in a minute. i love u so much ash <3

and with that, Edith was done. as she left the uncomfortable warmth of the building and its occupant, she disconnected her deck from the starbucks wifi, crushed her netcard into the ground, and walked into the cold night.