Party Members and Rival Adventurers

(still under construction! things on this page are likely to change over time!)

as you carry out work across the Sea of Flowers, you may come across other people out on their own jobs. some of them are outlined below:


/'ɑ:ɹ.koʊs/, AR-kohs

Arcos is an adventurer working for the Institue for Meteoërgy exploring relic chambers, largely motivated by their own curiosity about them. their awakening artefact is a bell-shaped piece of glass they've fashioned into a necklace.


/bi:/, BEE

Bea is an energetic bý adventurer currently doing various small jobs invovling resource acquisition for different alchemical outfits. she has a lot of interest in floral arrangement and floristry in general.


/dɛ.'kɑ:.ɹʌ/, deh-KAH-ruh


/'dɛ.moʊ/, DEH-moh


/'i:.ko.naʃ/, EE-ko-nash

Iconax is a somewhat nervous adventurer traveling around the Sea of Flowers doing different odd jobs. she's generally upbeat and likes crafting and cooking, but she's incredibly uncomfortable talking about her past.


/'ɪ:.nɛs/, IH-nes


/'kɹ̩.mɪt/, KƏR-mit


/ɑk.'toʊ.bɹ̩/, ahk-TOH-bər

October is a researcher living in Loëz doing research into Break techniques. he likes hanging out around libraries and has a miniature moss garden in a jar as a pet.


/', PAH-leeh-koh


/zɛ.dɛ.'kaɪ.ə/, ze-de-KAI-ə

Zedeqaiah is an arcanist active in adventuring guilds in Camp and near the Sea of Zero. they like practicing stage magic and card tricks in their free time.

alongisde these adventurers are other figures that may be important in your line of work:


/'ko.ska/, KO-ska

Koska is an animate skeleton and the proprietor of the Loëz Hour Store

Sr. Tengexw

/sɝ 'ten.gexʷ/, sur TEN-gexw

Sr. Tengexw is the head of the Tengexw Rail Guild, the central figure of the Tengexw Family, and likely the wealthiest person in the Sea of Flowers. you probably submitted an application to him when you got here.