flag designs

we have a bit of an interest in flag design that we indulge in every now and then, and figured we'd make a page to share some designs of ours. we'll likely come back and add to this page every now and then whenever we make another that we kinda like and wanna share :3 you can click on the flags to get a larger-size png of them, or click the link below them to get the original svg!

Pluto Flag (2023)

we made this after seeing some designs for planet flags and feeling like there wasn't one that really fully represented pluto. the little bit of symbolism here is:

  • the heart represents Tombaugh Regio, and is tilted 17.16 degrees to represent Pluto's orbital inclination.
  • the heart being near the fly is to represent its historical view as the furthest planet from the sun
  • the reddish-brown stripe along the hoist of the flag is 2/10 the width of the flag, representing Pluto and Charon's shared status as the tenth planet from the sun1
  • there isn't really any meaning to it but the ratio of the flag is 17:12, bcuz we thought itd be cool :3

Forgottonia Flag (2024)

this was specifically made bcuz we have a weird kinda interest in the Forgottonia "movement", originally being from the region and all, and we figured that it'd be nice to make a (new) flag for it. the symbolism to it is:

  • the base of the flag is still white to call back to the original all-white flag of surrender the "state" originally used in the 70s.
  • the two overlaid star shapes and circle form a forget-me-not, mostly chosen for feeling like a fitting flower to represent the place,2 rotated to point towards the fly to represent progress.
  • the blue border around the edge of the flag represents the rivers that surround and cross the region and form a major basis for its identity.

there were a couple other thoughts we had regarding potential designs for the flag, either replacing the border with two wider stripes (specifically representing the Mississippi and Illinois rivers), or removing them entirely to look more like the white flag defaced with the forget-me-not, but our favorite design of the three is the bordered one.

IRIS flag edits

these were various flags we've put together initially for use in IRIS, but didn't end up actually using anywhere. most of these are just edits of actual flags, so we don't really feel right claiming them as wholly ours, but we figured we might as well share them anyways.


last updated 02 Jul 24

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