so, i'm dime (short for DimethylHydra)! i'm a 20-something trans girl living in new england that likes boomer shooters, worldbuilding, and hiding things. while i messed with html a bit as a kid, i started work on this site in May of 2019, and it's kinda spiraled from there.

i work on a lot of stuff sporadically (and slowly), but my big planned projects are:

i plan to post varying amounts of of info about these over time so hopefully there'll be more here to read as time goes on! sometimes i put notes on stuff in html comments and i don't really have a problem with people studying my html for whatever reason they may have, so feel free to check out the page source :]

i also have a gemini capsule! a lot of the content is mirrored between the two of these but for anyone interested, it's located at!

and you can find me online at a few other places, tho i can't guarantee that i'm super active across all of them:

neocities profile | cohost | newgrounds | pillowfort | toyhouse | tumblr

thanks for visiting my site! i hope you enjoy what i make here!