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recent changes

31 Jul 21:
- got a custom domain! seems like the older neocities link still works but i'm getting external links updated to use that now.
- fixed a typo on the links page
- tested out a possible new site theme, but reverted it. may try again later
- also tried making a global header but it didn't really work either
- changed the site id given in headers and the page title to line up with personal id stuff a bit better
- made a few minor style updates whlie i was going through everything again

25 Jul 21:
- updated a now-outdated trivia piece to no longer be outdated

06 Jul 21:
- added transfemme and transmasc pride buttons
- tweaked capitalization a bit again

01 Jul 21:
- removed the pride message since it's july now

09 Jun 21:
- added two 9-stripe pride flags to the pride button page
- ALSO fixed the beveled omni flag button showing up twice im so sorry i didnt notice that
- updated links a bit
- reformatted this page so it's easier to read in bare html, shouldnt have visibly changed anything
- made a couple other capitalization changes around the site
- changed some stuff on the RPG peoples page (reflecting slight changes to the lineup)

08 Jun 21:
- fixed a broken tag in here that i hadnt noticed
- added a (late) message to the home page

12 May 21:
- added an Omnisexual/Omniromantic flag button to the Pride Button page

07 May 21:
- fixed a pronunciation error on the Party Member page
- Added another new button to express more feelings about tech

01 May 21:
- added Humans and some other minor detail to the RPG peoples page

09 Apr 21:
- actually added those now, i kept losing concentration and closing my browser without saving them rip
- also removed the older, un-updated blurbs from RPG peoples bc i plan on going back and redoing them.

03 Apr 21:
- planning to add some short blurbs to the RPG peoples page to act as placeholders until i get the rest of the descriptors up.

30 Mar 21:
- added some more info to the RPG peoples page and added more section breaks to it.

29 Mar 21:
- made and added a new button real quick

27 Mar 21:
- added/updated some info on the RPG peoples page
- added a piece of trivia

24 Mar 21:
- redid the intro/format to the RPG peoples page
- tweaked the formatting on the other RPG pages a bit.

21 Mar 21:
- added a (submitted!) piece of trivia (?)

17 Feb 21:
- changing the site theme around again. Still wasn't happy with it so it may change around for a while
- re-merged the Home and Index pages, so you just land directly at the homepage now
- went through and did some spelling/style checks (mostly decapitalizing "I" mid-sentence)

25 Jan 21:
- finally made a Links page. I moved the webring link there, hopefully it doesn't break it
- also enabled all the Links page headers that i had commented out
- ALSO also changed the site theme! needed a change of pace, hopefully the new theme looks alright

2 Jan 21:
- joined a webring! There's a link to it on the home page now

18 Jan 21:
- added a page for keyboard layout stuff

22 Nov 20:
- added more to the character and location pages

16 Nov 20:
- added more to the character page

10 Nov 20:
- added more to the character and location pages

09 Nov 20:
- added pages for RPG characters and locations

19 Oct 20:
- adding more (still super unfinished!) stuff to the RPG Peep page

11 Oct 20:
- adding more stuff to the RPG Peep page

10 Oct 20:
- tweaked some stuff on the RPG Peep page (i'm still working on stuff!)

16 Sep 20:
- added a (submitted!) piece of trivia

12 Sep 20:
- temporarily added a page to test something, then removed it
- added a (submitted!) piece of trivia

07 Sep 20:
- added a (submitted!) piece of trivia

05 Sep 20:
- added a (submitted!) piece of trivia
- added pride buttons for the original 8-stripe rainbow flag

02 Sep 20:
- added a link to view the changelog bc i completely forgot to add one when i moved it

30 Aug 20:
- moved the changelog to a separate page
- added some stuff to the RPG Peoples page

06 Aug 20:
- added demiboy/demigirl pride buttons

02 Aug 20:
- reformatted some tooltips around the site
- removed old unused nav buttons
- rearranged this page a bit

01 Aug 20:
- added this changelog
- redid pride buttons